The Company


Our Motto: “It’s great to be a Pascha”

In 1974, as part of the clean-up of vice and prostitution that earned the city the nickname “Chicago am Rhein”, the City of Cologne erected the “Eros Centre” tower block in Ehrenfeld. All prostitution was limited to the Eros Centre.

Since 1994, the Eros Centre is better-known as Pascha, and is world-famous as the largest brothel in Europe. As well as 126 separate apartments, the building contains a restaurant, beauty centre, boutique, launderette, sun-beds and contact-cafés.

Due to our size and fame, women from all around the world come to work at Pascha, and so we can guarantee, on average, at least 50 new faces, with our House 90% occupied.

Record numbers of 30,000 visitors per month are common.

Alongside the main building, we run one of the most successful nightclubs in Germany : the only all-inclusive show and tabledance club of its kind.

The “Pascha Group” also extends to other branches in Salzburg, Linz and Graz.

Please note that Women are not allowed in the main house as customers, apart from special events such as concerts or other events in the Pascha Nightclub, Cologne.